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Extending knowledge like never before.

Science doesn’t settle on a single published paper. The search for knowledge continues with iterations and extensions of previous experiments. Curate Science connects these threads, revealing related works, their differences, and essential new insights.

Information design services.

Curate Science is a rich, complex, industry tool for the scientific community. The content is rich with lab data and designed for scientists to make decisions and drive new lab work.

This means understanding how the user works in the real world is essential to determining how this digital tool can help augment his or her day to day.

  • Strategy

  • Research Business, Market, Competition
  • User Flows User Stories, Journey Mapping—Online and Offline
  • Product Strategy
  • Validation Interviews, Field Studies
  • Design

  • Structure Product Map, Site Architecture
  • Layout Web App Design, Interface Architecture, Interaction Design, Graphic Design
  • Engagement Identity, Writing, Calls To Action, User-generated Content Management
  • Validation Clickable Prototypes, Animations, Industry Expert Reviews
  • Deployment

  • Digital Assets Media, Notes, Animations
  • Front-end code Standards, Accessibility
  • Validation

  • User Testing Remote

Just the research you’re looking for.

An information rich user interface and contextualized search help scientists and journalists alike find the published papers and additional research that matters most to them.

Finding an informative structure.

When we started working with Curate Science, they had an article page structure that grouped information into related content modules, such as initial study details, statistics, and additional data types, while dispersing key information all over the page, such as the icons representing data types.

The primary issue with this approach was the information wasn’t structured in the way it would actually be used by scientists, students, and journalists. We worked to understand these use cases, more intuitively connecting related information, while ensuring information was actionable based on real-world lab work and research requirements.



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