Full time, Research Strategy, On-Site at our Toronto office.

We’re looking for a service design lead who can balance research with insight, guiding the organizations we work with towards impactful change.

Our system strategy work aligns organizational efforts and capabilities to consumer needs in order to drive operational efficiency and customer experience. Whether we’re consulting with public entities or private companies, our goal is to help complex organizations realize the transformative power of digital.

Getting there means having a sound understanding of the market the organization serves, the consumers who make up their current and prospective customers, and the organization itself. Two systems: consumer and operational; one meaningfully aligned path to success.

Projects regularly include both consumer-facing and organizational research, covering surveying, workshopping, mapping current state and future state goals, journey mapping, digital ecosystem reviews, and service delivery, technology, and experience-related recommendations.

What sets us apart

Measurable results: Our suite of measurable digital management consulting solutions increase customer engagement while uncovering new opportunities to optimize and deliver exceptional service, company-wide.

Actionable recommendations: Our three phase approach to defining actionable recommendations means that we provide immediate, short term, and long term paths to improve customer experience and service delivery.

Ongoing support: We don’t just strategize, we ship. Digital transformation is a practical exercise that involves enables organizations and teams to deliver exceptional service. Execution matters, and we work with teams to ensure continuous delivery and ongoing results.

Job Qualifications

  • 5-7 years of experience
  • Fluent in English (written and oral)
  • Ability to lead a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
  • Ability to map out organizational structures and other systems
  • Human-centred practices and journey mapping
  • Ability to move from research to practical insights
  • Comfort and capability of leading executive interviews and workshops
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills are a must, including excellent grammar
  • Interest in collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team
  • Highly self-motivated, skilled problem-solvers are encouraged to apply


  • Consumer research
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Effective Presentation/Communication
  • Organizational research
  • Service Design
  • Systems mapping


Interested candidates get to be at the forefront of shifting organizations from inclusive, reactionary entities to market leading service delivery and human-centric organizations.

Ideal candidates have the capacity and experience to draw insight through a variety of research and user experience methodologies, the ability to guide executives and business leaders towards change, and both the attention to detail and empathy necessary to map out and share reports that move individuals at all levels of an organization towards meaningful action.

Working at Say Yeah!

Our multidisciplinary team of expert researchers, designers, strategists, and other high-skill individuals work closely on rewarding problem solving challenges, augmented on a project basis by subject matter experts who can help inform and drive new insight.

We’re choosy about the clients and projects we work on so that our team is utilized to the best of its ability and, more often than not, works on projects where they can make a significant cultural impact.

Our near-decade long effort of establishing ourselves as a market leader, sharing our expertise with the community, and putting processes in place to ensure an efficient, rewarding, and impactful work environment mean that our staff are continually challenged, have opportunities to grow, and see the value of their work on a project by project basis.

Our culture and learning initiatives extend beyond this with a core team driven by mutual success and ongoing opportunities to participate in community-events, conferences, workshops, and training.
We work on Macs, communicate with Slack, keep track of responsibilities with Asana, and keep our work at hand with Evernote and Dropbox.

We have a 150Mbit internet connected and VOIP phones.

We have 5 breakout areas in the office for collaboration and meetings, including a private office and two standing tables to spread out project planning docs and deliverables, a living room styled meeting area with the comfiest couch in the world and a gorgeous 55″ Panasonic plasma, and a relaxation space with fuzzy rocking chair and giant beanbag.

Our fridge is stocked with beverages and healthy snacks. Our complete kitchen means you can be as healthy as you’d like whenever we aren’t ordering in. We’re also a quick walk away from all Parkdale has to offer for coffee, restaurants, groceries, and post-work get togethers.

We’re professional in our work, but light-hearted in the office.

Additionally, we make a concerted effort to highlight inclusivity and diversity in our organization, with the events we manage, through our ecosystem efforts, our accessibility practices, and with the clients we work with.


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