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In this digital era, businesses have improved tremendously on how they communicate with their clients as well as driving leads using advanced online marketing tools and techniques. However, if not done right, a business could lose its reputation and viability. This is where Desiree comes in. Desiree has over 10 years of combined experience in digital consulting, social medial marketing, creating brand awareness, and photography.

Desiree helps businesses develop and implement impeccable branding and digital strategies to expand market share, optimize user experience, create a visual presence, and improve ROI. Since she has a strong background in marketing and design, Desiree has combined the two to help businesses build their brand, curate content geared towards their goals, while marketing it across social.

Desiree’s role as Digital Content Strategist at Say Yeah helps shape future state objectives for clients looking to deliver their products and services across the Web.

Connect with Desiree

@ADesiredJourney @desireejthomas


  • Digital strategy
  • Social
  • Photography