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The Canadian Internet Registry Association (CIRA) is proving itself to be more than just a .CA domain name provider.

Our CEO, and CIRA Nomination Committee Candidate Lee Dale says CIRA’s next step should be to effectively support small and medium businesses.

“Small and mid-size businesses are the underpinning of the Canadian economy. There’s a necessity for CIRA as an organization that shapes the internet in Canada for citizens, to make sure that businesses are part of this mandate.”

CIRA already advocates for a better online Canada through a variety of initiatives that help with access, security, privacy, and…

soh2016 The startup ecosystem continues to experience rapid growth across the globe and there’s no better way to dip your toes into this growing ecosystem than participating in Startup Open House. Brought to you by the City of Toronto and Shopify, Startup Open House reemerges for its third year this Thursday, September 22. Startups in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, and British Columbia will open their doors to curious neighbours, investors, students, and top talent from 3pm to 8pm.
We’re pleased to announce that Say Yeah will be participating in Startup Open House 2016 for our third consecutive year.
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Send your questions to #letstalkaboutux If you’d like to broaden your User Experience (UX) skills or discover why UX is necessary today, there’s an event coming up just for you!
On Sept. 17, our very own Lee Dale will be participating at FITC’s (Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.) annual Spotlight UX 2016.
Lee has been invited to speak at Spotlight UX for the second year, this year as one of four panelists sharing their expertise on how to excel as a user experience professional.
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CIRA Canadians Connected 2016Your speakers Sue Gardner and Andy Forest. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is holding an afternoon of professional digital insight with panelists and keynote speakers from the digital industry on September 22. A portion of the afternoon is then allocated to CIRA’s Annual General Meeting.

CIRA is a national organization that manages the .CA domain name registry as well as other programs and initiatives that contribute towards building a better online Canada.

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Grad Ex 101 OCAD U grad show banner OCAD University opens their GradEx 101: OCAD University's Annual Graduate Exhibition this evening and it will run throughout the day until May 8.
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Customer Journey was one of the dominant buzzwords of 2015, and rightly so. For marketers and product owners, understanding the customer journey is the key to delivering effective digital products. By tailoring digital properties to the needs of the customer based on where they are on their purchase and retention journey, you’re able to focus and streamline digital products, ultimately delivering a superior customer experience. With knowledge of this key tool for driving customer experience across channels accelerating throughout the past year, you can expect Customer Journey Mapping to be among the biggest digital marketing buzzwords of 2016. As Chris Risdon at CapitalOneLabs said in 2011: “their importance exceeds their prevalence.” That’s finally starting to change.
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hohoto-partybanner Once again, we're proud to be supporting HoHoTO, coming up Friday, December 11. We've been participating in this important Toronto charity event since day one, back in 2008, and we couldn't be more pleased to be involved with this year's event. From HoHoTO:
This year, impact and opportunity are our focus, as we bring the digital community together in support of organizations that directly affect beneficial change in our technology ecosystem.
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start-up-open-house Once again Say Yeah is participating in Startup Open House, an evening of visiting local startups to learn more about their product and services, business, and culture.
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I've registered my domain. I’m ready to build my site and make money. What do I do now? So you’ve purchased your new website domain and you’re ready to build your site. Or are you? “Just” having a website and domain are not enough to drive visits, leads, or sales. There are other components in the digital lifecycle that must be considered.
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This week's release of iOS 9 includes a number of wonderful enhancements and has been accompanied with a number of great app updates from a slew of developers. Let's take a look at some highlights.
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