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Bring expert third party resources to the table to accelerate decision-making and map out immediate solutions that drive product team success. Whether your team is tied up with day-to-day responsibilities or needs an impartial and human-centered view to solving a problem, our Product Team Support services take the guesswork out of taking next steps.


  • Expert third-party input on your product to help accelerate your team’s efforts
  • Identify how well your product meets your key user’s goals
  • Highlight interaction and engagement roadblocks
  • Interface recommendations to improve usability and ease of use
  • Behavioural tracking and analytics recommendations to help you with ongoing efforts
  • Simple and fast questionnaire to get you started
  • Quick turnaround from with actionable insights
  • Get started for $2500
  • Pay by credit card and earn points


When your job relies upon delivering a successful product.

  • Quickly diagnose UX symptoms
  • Quickly solve digital product issues
  • Quickly respond to executives and customers
  • Make informed decisions

Let’s bring inclusive design practices to your team to increase the impact of your products and services