During the creative process Say Yeah was practically an extension of our team, quickly responding to partner and customer feedback to make the app the best it could be.

Corey Gross, CEO Smartslips

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How to maintain focus on your product.

Sep 11, 2014

Tara Hunt recently shared a post-mortem on her product baby, Buyosphere. (Sorry, Tara, we know that feeling well.)

There’s a lot of wisdom that comes from experience. She has it on the client side and as a founder. And no matter how much we know these things, as a founder you can often find yourself taking shortcuts or thinking too broadly to be effective.

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Simple is not about doing less for the end user, it's about doing much, much more.

Sep 09, 2014


Moves is such a great app because it provides rich data about your day to day activities with almost no user input.

Not only is it running in the background, but based on some built-in app intelligence, it does a near 100% accurate job of determining whether you’re walking, running, cycling, or driving.

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