During the creative process Say Yeah was practically an extension of our team, quickly responding to partner and customer feedback to make the app the best it could be.

Corey Gross, CEO Smartslips

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You catch more bots with honey: reducing form spam without captchas.

Jul 15, 2014


With the launch of our new website at sayyeah.com we added a simple contact form to allow interested people to get in touch with us. From the moment the site went live, the most interested people getting in touch were spambots.

100s of messages quickly flooded Lee’s mailbox. Instead of prospective clients, he was inundated by offers for discount Michael Kors handbags, apparently being sold from a small fishing charter company and a diabetes care website (among many others).

We needed a way to block these useless submissions without adding any additional user requirements to fill out the form, such as captchas or simple math problems.

So how did we handle this challenge?

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The multi-device era is here. Be sure to consider context of use.

Jul 14, 2014


There’s a growing trend across North America and beyond of users moving from desktop, to tablet, to phone throughout the day, depending on where they are and what they’re looking to accomplish.

With all of these screens in play, and the context of use shifting based on being at work, at home, or on the go, it’s important to understand and design for the user’s intent across multiple screens and devices.

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Our greatest success stories come from working on products which have one or more of the following challenges:

  • You need to improve the transactional flow within a product, such as signups, checkouts, or other calls to action.
  • You’d like to improve engagement across multiple screens, including defining experiences for users with multiple devices, such as a desktop, tablet, phone, and more.
  • You’re looking to bring a new product to market.
  • You would like to provide users with access to complex data sets and large amounts of information in an intuitive, rewarding way.
  • You want to measure product releases over time to help ensure design and engineering efforts are meeting business and user goals.
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