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Cross Platform Design

Great products meet customer needs, every step of the way.

Consider your customer’s journey from awareness to purchase to support. Each interaction throughout this journey plays a role in defining the experience for your users.

Most importantly, these interactions give you an opportunity to move each user from potential customer to vocal advocate.

We’ll work with you to design a customer journey that delivers those advocates, from service design to product strategy, design to deployment, validating each step of the way.

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from concept to valitdation
  • The right mix of services.

    Delivering products that have a bottom line impact requires a mix of services that allow you to improve each step of the customer journey.

  • Product StrategyStrategy

    • Research Business, Market, Competition
    • User Flows User Stories, Journey Mapping
    • Service Design
    • Product Strategy
    • Media Planning
    • Validation Interviews, Field Studies, and more
  • Product and Interface Design ServicesDesign

    • Structure Product Map, Architecture, Training, and Support Media
    • Layout Interface Architecture, Interaction Design, Graphic Design
    • Engagement Identity, Writing, Calls To Action
    • Validation Workshops, Prototyping, and more
  • Deployment and Development ServicesDeployment

    • Staff Coaching & Training
    • Digital AssetsMedia, Notes, Animations
    • Front-end codeStandards, Accessibility
    • Analytics Configuration
    • Experience Quality Assurance
    • Validation User Testing, Observational Studies, and more
  • Product ValidationValidation

    • Impact Analysis
    • Analytics Reviews
    • Behaviourial Reviews
    • A/B & Multivariate Testing
    • User Testing Remote and In-person
    • and more
from concept to valitdation
  • Measurable problem solving.

    Improving conversions, decision-making, contextual use, and validation are the pillars of our problem solving. If you’re facing one or more of these challenges, get in touch.

  • Transaction DesignTransactional

    We’ll help you improve user flows and transactional results within a product, such as signups, checkouts, or other calls to action.

  • Information DesignInformational

    We’ll provide your team with the tools they need to improve service delivery at each stage of the customer journey, from communications to online products, sales to support.

  • User Experience DesignExperiential

    We’ll ensure your users find, view, and interact with information and data in an intuitive, rewarding way, improving insight, and driving action.

  • Mutli-screen, Multi-device Contextual DesignMulti-screen

    We’ll define purposeful experiences for users with different devices and screen sizes, considering when, where, and how they’re interacting with your business and what it will take to drive them to action.

  • Analytics and ValidationValidated

    We'll provide the tools and expertise to measure product releases over time, ensuring design and engineering efforts are meeting business and user goals.

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New Products

If you have a new product you’re working on bringing to market, here are a number of tools and services to help you find product/market fit.

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Existing Products

Measuring the value of your existing product has never been easier. Here are some tools and services to get you started.

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Custom Services

We solve meaningful problems, finding the right balance between business goals and user needs in a way that serves your bottom line.

Our custom services mix covers the full lifecycle of a product:

  • Strategy Research, Product Planning, and Service Design
  • Design Interface Design, Graphic Design, Desktop, Mobile, and App Design
  • Deployment Front-end Development, Quality Assurance Testing, and more
  • Validation User Testing, Analytics, and more
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