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From Concept to Consumer, Part 1: Communicating Interaction

Jul 22, 2014


One of the more challenging areas of interaction design is conveying how things will work. How do you show user input and system responses over time, with static imagery?

When a visitor taps this button, what happens next?

At Say Yeah, we illustrate how a user navigates and interacts with an application with an interaction flow document that takes the reader through every interaction in the application. It’s effectively a site map that has been zoomed in to focus on a single view/page at a time to better highlight features and interactions within each individual screen.

This document has the following four uses.

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The multi-device era is here. Be sure to consider context of use.

Jul 14, 2014


There’s a growing trend across North America and beyond of users moving from desktop, to tablet, to phone throughout the day, depending on where they are and what they’re looking to accomplish.

With all of these screens in play, and the context of use shifting based on being at work, at home, or on the go, it’s important to understand and design for the user’s intent across multiple screens and devices.

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Our greatest success stories come from working on products which have one or more of the following challenges:

  • You need to improve the transactional flow within a product, such as signups, checkouts, or other calls to action.
  • You’d like to improve engagement across multiple screens, including defining experiences for users with multiple devices, such as a desktop, tablet, phone, and more.
  • You’re looking to bring a new product to market.
  • You would like to provide users with access to complex data sets and large amounts of information in an intuitive, rewarding way.
  • You want to measure product releases over time to help ensure design and engineering efforts are meeting business and user goals.
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