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Grow the capacity and capability of your teams with adaptive eLearning

Say Yeah combines curriculum development and course content creation with transformative, AI-powered learning software that helps your entire organization learn and work smarter.

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Video demo of our automated personalization courses

Transform learning with automated personalization

Everyone learns in different ways. Now your courses can better support every learner.

We’ve developed a software framework that allows us to transform your learning content into a variety of formats, inviting the learner to watch, listen, or read the course content.

Every learner should have the opportunity to engage deeply, explore learning content at their own pace, and retain and apply new knowledge in their work.

Together, we can deliver courses that support all learners.


Learners experience the course as a video slideshow with narration with optional closed captions and read-along text highlighting.


Learners play the course content like a podcast, with optional read-along text highlighting.


Learners read the content at their own pace, with adjustable fonts, text size, and colour modes.

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Shift people from knowledge to action

Measure employee training success by its impact on day-to-day work.

In today’s mix of in-person and remote work, trainers need robust digital supports to effectively engage with every employee.

Ultimately, this mix of tech + education comes together to form a basis for applied learning, growing the capacity and capability of your employees.

Let’s explore the key aspects of the toolkit.

A chart of connected pathways shows how a learner can choose how they experience the course

Lesson Pathways

Allow learners to follow contextual paths through a lesson, diverging and converging as they learn new information in a way that works best for their role, industry, or other preferences.

Examples of assessments including multiple choice, checklist, text input, and slider

Practice & Assessments

Work with a variety of practice methods, interactive assessments, and gradable assignments to measure the growth of each learner, all guided by our expert instructional design team.

Examples of template and toolkits such as resource links, glossary terms, and step-by-step checklists

Templates & Toolkits

Move each learner from course completion to practical application by providing templates and toolkits each learner can access and search as needed to improve their day-to-day work.

Connecting modern development standards with classic learning environments, including LMS, HRIS, and SCORM

Modern development standards

Our transformative technology toolset works with the latest accessibility, performance, management, and portability standards to efficiently deploy and scale across your organization.

Accessible out of the box

Customizable to learner preferences

Learn at your desk or on your phone

Search to find what you’ve previously learned

Full-service course development is here

A process for delivering exceptional learning outcomes.

We take the complexity out of transforming your content into effective hybrid or online courses. Together, we’ll set a collaborative path to discover, design, develop, and deliver an incredible learning experiences, with confidence, whether we’re augmenting an existing training program or delivering a whole new course.

Phase 1


During the discovery phase, you communicate your unique requirements, and we turn it into an action plan, ensuring you're on track to deliver the highest quality digital-enabled learning. By the end of this phase, we have a clear roadmap to developing a learning program that meets your organizational and learner goals.

By the end of this phase, we have a clear roadmap to developing a learning program that meets your organizational and learner goals.

Phase 2

Design & Develop

Through a methodical, tried and true series of phases, we work to adapt your team’s expert knowledge into the most effective learning program, combining custom instructional design with a modern learning software framework.

In this phase, your content comes to life in an immersive learning environment that is intuitive and enjoyable for learners while offering the practice, assessments, and toolkits you need to grow the capacity and capability of your team.

Phase 3


In the phase, we help you deploy the course, whether its an entirely new program or within your existing LMS or HRIS system.

With authoring support and training for your learning and development team, we offer you the tools and support to expand your eLearning program as your organization evolves and grows.

We facilitate exceptional course outcomes with the following services

We simplify the process of creating your eLearning with a full spectrum of services.

  • Curriculum design

    We help you develop curricula that align with your organization’s goals while finding a clear pathway to growing learner capability and capacity.

  • Instructional design

    We apply the science of learning to create structured, inclusive, and measurable learning experiences that help people move from knowledge to action.

  • Project management

    From discovery to delivery, we’ve ensured countless projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

  • Content development

    We craft and deliver your content across a variety of formats, so your learners can choose to watch, play, or read.

  • Graphic design and multi-media production

    We help you grow the impact of your content with the creation or licensing of visuals, videos, and other media development to help explain and reinforce key elements of your course.

  • Custom code development

    When something unique is the most effective way to support your learners, we go beyond standard eLearning authoring, applying the latest web and accessibility standards to deliver a fully customized, performative, and measurable experience.

  • Copyediting

    We work to ensure your content is grammatically sound, easy to understand, consistent, and in the voice of your organization.

  • Translation services

    Our French, ASL, and other language translation services ensure your training programs can serve learners from a variety of regions.

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