For over 15 years Say Yeah has been providing tech + education consulting services that unlock organizational and people potential.

Our mission is to help everyone learn and grow

Say Yeah combines curriculum development and course content creation with transformative, AI-powered learning software.

We work with organizations to define, design, develop, and deliver exceptional learning programs centred around eLearning courses that improve access, engagement, and capacity building for every learner.

Our full service support ensures successful launches of new learning programs and a clear path to growing the impact of existing training programs.

We are focused on delivering transformative tech + education outcomes

We take on projects that offer opportunities to bring exponential measurable value to the organizations we work with and the people they serve.

With a particular focus on transformative projects that combine our tech + education expertise, our work delivers the highest standards of usability, accessibility, and inclusivity.

Our experience, passion, thoughtfullness, and capabilities have helped organizations large and small, public and private, meet access, growth, and engagement goals that help unlock untapped organizational potential.

Our Toronto home of thought leadership

We’ve architected our downtown Toronto office as a flexible open-concept environment.

The exposed brick and wooden beams of the former peanut manufacturing building has four breakout areas for user workshops, brainstorming, or stakeholder interviews, as well as a private meeting room.

Whether we’re hosting clients, frequent collaborators, or conducting on-site research, we have the space and tools to excel as a productive and rewarding and award-winning innovation, digital transformation, and learning and development leadership environment.

Say Yeah is a Toronto-based digital transformation consultancy, built to serve the world, and focused on helping organizations learn and work smarter.

Our multi-disciplinary team

Starting with the passion and care of founders Lee Dale and Matt Rintoul, over the years we’ve worked to establish a broad team of strategists, doers, collaborators, and subject matter experts. We deliver services globally, and we work across regions with staff in Toronto and beyond. Our core team includes senior and multi-disciplined strategists, designers, developers, project managers, and learning specialists.

With the nature of our work extending beyond borders, across digital and in-person engagements, and servicing myriad industries, we extend our core team as necessary with subject matter experts, but we uniquely excel in our work by bringing our core team to the table for exceptional and effective problem solving for each and every project.

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Accessibility and inclusivity

We are inclusive and accessible in our communications as well as our work efforts. Our approach to delivering service is based on an understanding of diverse perspectives, capabilities, and requirements. We work to ensure we serve stakeholder needs, accommodating physical, environmental, digital literacy, and communication needs, as well as providing multi-lingual services and communications, as required.

We have extensive digital accessibility experience through our past work with the World Wide Web Foundation and ongoing inclusive design work. We follow best practices with our consulting work across digital ecosystems and physical spaces.

We lead by example through our hiring and supplier diversity practices, Disrupting with Digital events, and through Together, our volunteer organization that is working to shape a more inclusive digital community across Toronto and the GTA.

Supplier diversity and community engagement

We intentionally seek out diverse and inclusive suppliers and service providers and continue to demand more of the suppliers and clients we work with.

As part of our core value of inclusion, we collaborate with organizations and individuals from underrepresented groups, as well as supporting organizations with explicit policies around equity and inclusion.

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We’re shaping a more inclusive digital community

We’re bringing capability and opportunity to the digital community through Together, our volunteer organization that operates a series of inclusive youth and professional programming.

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