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We continually work to promote accessibility and inclusivity through our client work, youth and event programming, and ongoing advocacy. This work includes a variety of accessible digital products, research studies, and organizational consulting, authoring expert white papers, connecting with leaders in a11y (the accessibility community’s colloquial term for accessibility) and speaking at conferences on best practices.

When we consider all of our accessibility and inclusive design work, one of our proudest accomplishments is our work with the World Wide Web Foundation.

As an offshoot of the W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium that sets global web standards), the Web Foundation was founded by Tim Berners-Lee and Steve Bratt.

The purpose: to bring a safe, relevant, and contextualized internet to every citizen of the world.

The approach

As a practice, we follow design, content, code, and client education processes with each project to enable organizations to continue to build on an accessible product foundation. We not only set an organizational standard for accessibility, we also provide a long-term model for teams to continue to maintain and build on that foundation with their ongoing content and site updates.

In addition to working on a variety of overseas initiatives for the Web Foundation, we led the process, design, code, and practice requirements to ensure that the Web Foundation’s site and ongoing content updates met W3C WCAG 2.0 standards.

The results

This effort helped ensure there were no barriers to understanding the important work the Web Foundation was undertaking by enabling different ways of interacting with the site and accessing the content throughout.

With the advent of the Contract for the Web in 2019, the Web Foundation continues to play an important role in promoting safe, relevant, and empowering access to the internet across the globe. We’re proud to continue to play our part by signing this global plan of action.

Accessible and Inclusive Design

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