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Leverage validated learning to drive customer experience and optimize your organization’s efforts on an ongoing basis.

Our cross-discipline team is uniquely suited to help accelerate your team’s digital, product management, and tech-related efforts, while addressing the roadblocks to service delivery which natural occur across business units. Our suite of solutions have been honed to address these issues, and we continually refine our processes as we learn more from our engagements and the users we serve on behalf of our customers.

In other words, we practice what we preach: validation and iteration, every step of the way.

Validate at each stage

Strategy and planning

Our strategy and planning processes are driven by market research and stakeholder alignment to validate market needs and consumer perception of proposed solutions.

Design and development

Design and development phases are lead by design, tech, and product best practices, stakeholder reviews, and opportunities to connect with current and prospective users to align with their needs.

Ongoing optimization

For existing digital initiatives, analytics, behavioural tracking, and ongoing user testing provide a foundation of understanding of how the customer experience is being shaped to drive engagement and retention.

Iterate to deliver increasing value

Validated learning helps us pinpoint where we can focus efforts to improve customer experience and service delivery on an ongoing basis.

At the earlier strategy and marketing plan phases, feedback loops driven by the various validation methods noted above mean that we can confidently hone concepts and structure digital initiatives that meet market needs. This reduces the costs and risks that inevitably come from a less human-centric, more engineering-led process.

Digital initiatives allow us to learn from every click. With the right analytics and behavioural tracking in place, every user becomes an opportunity to learn how to deliver more value more efficiently.

The benefit of digital is that you can learn from every click.

Through these validated learning tactics and additional user testing methods, market awareness, and alignment with other key departments across the organizations such as marketing, sales, and support, we can identify the roadblocks to increased engagement and retention. With that, we can also identify new opportunities to deliver exceptional customer experience.

We capture these opportunities by aligning resources to make the most impactful refinements to strategy, product, and process on an ongoing basis. This iterative process means that we’re continually working together to increase conversions, drive engagement, and make sure the team is working optimally towards meeting user needs and business goals.

Learning from users

There’s no clearer path to validated learning than connecting directly with customers. Whether you’re investigating a new market opportunity or have been serving customers for years, your path to optimization of your digital ecosystem and team’s efforts is best shaped with user feedback.

There are many tactics in our toolbox for drawing key insights out of users during strategy and planning, design and development, and ongoing optimization.

For further reading, here’s our framework for usability testing, which is an essential component of delivering increasing value across a digital ecosystem.

Usability Testing

An effective user testing methodology helps you identify what's working and what is limiting engagement across your digital ecosystem, ultimately making informed decisions on how to improve your digital ecosystem. We use a three-step process—Plan, Test, Analyze—to focus your team on the most impactful optimization efforts.

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Related solutions

As validation and iteration takes place across all the key stages of planning and executing your digital strategy, we have a suite of solutions which employ various techniques for validated learning.

Leveraging Digital

Understand how digital can transform your business with this innovation roadmap from our digital strategy consulting team. Leveraging digital means ensuring existing initiatives are working as effectively as possible and identifying new areas of opportunity where service can be extended.

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Digital Product Delivery

Our experience design services cover your full digital ecosystem including strategy, design, analytics, and management of web, mobile, wearables, internal systems, AI, and all smart devices. Deliver the best mix of digital products to increase customer engagement and retention and improve service delivery across your organization.

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UX Problem Solver

When you need your digital product fixed yesterday. Our experts will analyze and fix user experience issues on all hardware, software, web, wearable, AI, internal systems, and smart devices.

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C-Suite Connect

With C-Suite Connect, your executive team will have a top line view of the progress and success your digital team has achieved. Get the support and recognition you need to continue to deliver exceptional results within your organization with our digital ecosystem executive reports.

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Lean Concept to Market

We work through product concepts, designs, and prototypes to test adoption and engagement with your target audience, reducing go-to-market risk and saving on development costs.

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Digital Product Review

Diagnosis of your digital product and it's alignment with your business goals and target users.

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UX Optimizer

When you want to impress stakeholders and double down on your success, our experts can optimize conversions and CTAs on all hardware, software, web, wearable, AI, internal systems, and smart devices.

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Digital Health Check

Get the insights you need to drive customer experience and KPIs with our ongoing digital ecosystem health check. Our UX analytics and recommendations include monitoring a mix of user behaviour and KPIs so we can find the most effective path for you to refine your digital ecosystem to drive customer engagement and retention.

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Are you ready to leverage validated learning to optimize your team's efforts?

From initial strategy to ongoing efforts, we offer a wide range of solutions to help your team make informed, effective decisions at every step.

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