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We worked with the team at Canada’s largest digital-first insurance-industry company to help improve their customer experience by aligning various divisions across their organization. Initially, marketing, product, and the call centre team responsible for converting interested customers into revenue generating customers largely operated independent of one another. But from a customer point of view, they had a relatively straightforward customer journey which took them from awareness to purchase.

Customers would find out about an opportunity to save money through advertising, search engines, or other partnerships. They would click through to the website and be encouraged to get an insurance quote. Once they received their quote, they would have to call into the call centre and take next steps with call centre staff in order to earn revenue for the company.

Miscommunication across internal teams

With distinct, internal teams across marketing, product, and the call centre team, customers would run into a number of issues. Marketing may promote a message that wasn’t in line with the product design or call centre scripts; the product team would update the product unbeknownst to the other divisions, causing a particularly tough time for the call centre team who were working from preset scripts and required these to match the product precisely.


Beginning by highlighting the customer journey which crossed various internal teams and pointing out the service delivery inefficiencies caused by a lack of internal communication and collaboration, we were able to rally these disparate teams to work together, ultimately improving morale, efficiencies, and organizational capability, while improving customer experience at every step.

Now marketing and product work together on promotional alignment, going so far as sharing access and findings from ongoing A/B tests and upcoming campaigns and product plans. The product team now works closely with the call centre, not just to inform of scheduled product changes, but to uncover new opportunities to improve the product for customers by tracking support issues and working with the support team to uncover areas of inefficiency for both the customer and call centre staff.

The results

  • Improved conversions on marketing campaigns;
  • An increase in the conversion rate of paying customers;
  • An increase in the frequency of ongoing product improvements;
  • Reduced call centre staff time providing customer support.

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