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From grocery to fashion, home improvement to housewares, consumers love their loyalty programs. And with each swipe of your card a rich profile of your purchase history is made richer.

Unata’s mission is to redefine the retail experience by leveraging this data to provide users with a hyper-personalized shopping experience and marketers with the means to better engage users.

Services provided.

For Unata, we had three primary targets to address in the consumer retail space: consumers, marketers, and investors.

We met these challenge by brining Unata to life, from the corporate identity, to the pitch deck, to the app itself, including a marketer dashboard.

  • Strategy

  • Research Business, Market, Competition
  • User Flows User Stories, Journey Mapping, User Experience Design
  • Validation Interviews, Clickable Prototying, Animations
  • Design

  • Structure Product Map, App Architecture, Site Architecture
  • Layout Mobile App Design, Marketer Dashboard Design, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design
  • Engagement Identity, Pitch Deck, Writing, Calls To Action
  • Validation Clickable Prototypes, In-person Testing
  • Deployment

  • Digital Assets Media, Notes, Animations
  • Experience Quality Assurance
  • Validation User Testing
  • Validation

  • Impact Analysis
  • Interviews
  • User Testing In-person

Rewarding loyalty.

With data driving personalization, it was essential that we connect in-app user accounts with in-store loyalty programs. A rewarding, multi-step onboarding process was designed to not just connect these two data sources, but to garner new information about consumers.

Unata's savvy user interface design meant key insights around user behaviour and interests could be provided via the retail marketing dashboard, allowing product marketers to refine recommendations, discounts, and more.

In retail, products are everything.

In the retail space, products are the hub around which an experience is built. Focusing initially on grocers, we took a deep dive into how users engaged in stores and with products through observational studies and interviews, identifiying the information and actions we could provide to enrich the experience both in store and at home.

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Putting the power of personalization in the hands of marketers.

We were able to take the personalized user experience even further by providing marketers with actionable information about consumer habits, and givning them the ability to serve those users by segment or individually.

A foundation for success.

Our work went beyond the user interface and stepped into identity and sales media. As a white-label startup, finding retail clients was essential. We worked to highlight the key elements of the product that would drive end user engagement to retail clients through a sales deck, while honing the identity that would be used to sell major retail players across a variety of media.

From seed idea to market leader.

Leveraging our collaborative pre-launch efforts in product planning, design, and sales support, Unata received funding from Mantella Venture Partners, launched Grocery Gateway's mobile app, and has gone on to win several awards for their white-label retail products.

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