Don’t miss out! Get you a ticket for this 3-day tech conference from May 20-23

Open new doors with fresh perspectives, insightful ideas and networking opportunities with the big names in the tech industry provided at the 2019 Collision Conference. Over 25,000 people will be attending and among these attendees are leaders and experts working in the biggest tech companies of 2019.

This year, the Say Yeah team is branching out by attending the 2019 Collision Conference for the first time, happening in Toronto! With so many other industry leaders, we can’t wait to find out how they are changing and evolving the world of tech. We will be interviewing these industry experts and look forward to see what they will share with us!

This is a great opportunity for any start-up business. Here’s why:

  1. Network with the big names of the Tech Industry: People like Peggy Johnson, the VP of Business Development at Microsoft and Ryan Holmes, the Founder of Hootsuite will be giving talks. This is a great opportunity to talk to others in the industry and find out some shortcuts to success.
  2. Continuous Improvement: Learn what’s next in the future of innovation and technology and how these insights could boost your business.
  3. A Chance to Promote Your Business: For a startup, this is a great opportunity to involve you business in the tech community. You never know who you will meet that will bring your business to the next level, especially since there is a ton of media coverage!
  4. Boost your Business Strategy: This is an opportunity to do some research in the market and find out ways you can alter your strategy to the ever-changing world of technology. Meet your industry competitors and see where they stand in the market.
  5. Stay Up-To-Date: Staying on top of a continuously changing industry is key in staying relevant in the tech world. Learn about the future of technology and discover how you can have a leading edge in the market.

Some of the speakers that we are excited to talk with are:

Attending this conference might be the best decision of your career. We’re coming for you Collision Toronto 2019! See you there!

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