We are thrilled to launch the latest in AI-powered eLearning technology.

This new technology:

  • opens up course accessibility
  • automates personalization for learners
  • remains portable and compatible with existing LMS and HRIS systems.

And it’s only available from Say Yeah!

Let’s explore why this is so important and how it works.

There’s a fundamental challenge with learning where most courses—whether online, hybrid, in a classroom, or led by a workplace trainer—follow a single, typically lecture-based model.

One course, delivered one way, for everyone.

The challenge is, people learn in different ways. And this single model or format for delivering a course doesn’t help everyone learn and grow with confidence.

That’s a problem for workplace preparedness and development, where success is measured by growing the capacity and capability of everyone on a team.

To address this, we’ve developed a software framework that helps you deliver next-generation learning programs to everyone, whether you’re launching a brand new course, or working with an existing LMS or HRIS system.

I’d like to share with you a transformative shift in eLearning that celebrates and supports every learner, giving them the options they need to engage more effectively with course content in order to move from knowledge to action in their day-to-day work. ~ Say Yeah CEO, Lee Dale


When we develop a course together, we combine course content best practices with the latest AI-powered eLearning automations to quickly and easily expand single-track learning to allow people to watch, listen, or read a course.

Highlighting the ability to Watch, Listen, or Read any eLearning course with automated personalization options from Say Yeah!

Included is the ability for every learning to adjust the settings to their ideal:

  • Auto advance to the next lesson to keep the course material flowing.
  • Scroll with spoken text and have the video move along with you. The video anchors in the corner and the screen scrolls to the text that’s being spoken.
  • Highlight spoken text so you can follow along with the narration even more closely.

The settings are designed to support multiple learning modes so every learner can work through the course in a way that works best for them, with the flexibility to adjust at any time.

A screenshot of the desktop interface highlighting how watch, read, and listen settings can be changed while showing how course text is highlighted as video and audio play.
A sample course interface showing how text highlights as video and audio play and all the available settings adjustments you may choose from.

Listen and highlight text while you take notes on your laptop.

Press play and set auto advance to the next lesson and pop your phone in your pocket. The course becomes your new favourite podcast.

Not interested in listening, switch to text mode and continue at your own pace.

Watch, listen, or read any course with automated personalization from Say Yeah!

Impressively, our software accelerates the previously manual process of creating multiple formats for content by leveraging subject matter expertise, instructional design expertise, custom code, and artificial intelligence to quickly and automatically deliver multiple formats that support every learner.

So what used to be difficult to make and manage becomes almost automatic to create, and effortless to update.

Get in touch today to transform your learning programs with automated personalization and discover the impact of adaptive eLearning.

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