Promo graphic for Blackberry 6

After struggling mightily with a Blackberry 8900 over the weekend (seriously, almost every aspect of the OS on that thing is broken – from email to Wifi to Web browsing. What a nightmare!), it’s nice to see that Blackberry is actually attempting to improve their user experience with Blackberry 6.

While I haven’t used one yet, the videos and articles I’ve seen highlight some key improvements to how the touch interface is handled, while the larger touch screen makes viewing and interacting with the device a lot easier.

They’ve also built their browser on WebKit, the same engine that drives Apple and Android browsers and simply an indescribably better engine than whatever beastly thing they had been using previously. Granted, their new Blackberry Torch has a low resolution screen, but with Wi-Fi media synching, that’s a fair tradeoff. This is the one area where Apple needs to make some vast improvements, and I’m expecting just that with the next release of iOS.