Update: This client has retired Stick Stick Bang Bang and is working on their new venture, Revere.

Stick Stick Bang Bang UI

Stick Stick Bang Bang was created as an outlet for great artists to share their work in new and creative ways. Starting right now with templates for iPhones, iPods and Zunes, you have the chance to make your artwork available to your fans as skins for their most popular gadgets. What better way to share and promote your art than by allowing your fans to carry it with them wherever they go?

For artists, the great news is that you set the price for your work, per device, while Stick Stick Bang Bang handles the secure order processing, vinyl printing, and shipping. With a process second to none, you can rest assured that your fan will be ecstatic, from the great art they’ll choose through to the speed and care to which the vinyl arrives to them, complete with easy to understand application instructions.

So if you’re an artist who’s looking for an outlet, or you know of someone who does great work, head on over to Stick Stick Bang Bang.