The stage at the Canadian New Media Awards

The CNMA’s are an important event for Canadian new media companies and worth following. Dig into the finalists when you have a chance and see who’s making waves across Canada.

As Ali de Bold, winner with ChickAdvisor, shared with me:

These awards are fantastic for companies looking to get exposure and recognition for their company. Not only did it give us a platform to speak in front of future clients and collaborators, winning our category gave us an extra measure of credibility that continues to open doors.

As far as this year’s finalists are concerned, I can say from the judging process there were some interesting battles, with each of the judges bringing different insights to the table.

Some things we all agreed on, including that as good as the finalists in our category are, they can do better. That’s not an indictment of the quality of the entrants, rather to say, in the evolving social media space, the great work is only going to get better.

Check out this year’s finalists and snag your tickets to the Dec 1 show.