The Canadian Internet Registry Association (CIRA) is proving itself to be more than just a .CA domain name provider.

Our CEO, and CIRA Nomination Committee Candidate Lee Dale says CIRA’s next step should be to effectively support small and medium businesses.

“Small and mid-size businesses are the underpinning of the Canadian economy. There’s a necessity for CIRA as an organization that shapes the internet in Canada for citizens, to make sure that businesses are part of this mandate.”

CIRA already advocates for a better online Canada through a variety of initiatives that help with access, security, privacy, and safety. CIRA has done a good job of highlighting the value of a .CA—it means a Canadian operation, and the site is for Canadians.

Continuing infrastructure efforts around these initiatives will drive this value home to increase the likelihood of locally operating business wanting to identify as a Canadian operation and benefiting from Canadians who identify with these values.

“CIRA is in a unique position to drive innovation, growth, and community initiatives across Canada with a product and service mix that provide the underpinnings of Canada’s digital footprint,” says Lee.

As the traditional provider of the .CA domain name, CIRA has become an important driver of Canada’s digital infrastructure. In effort to expedite growth as an organization over the years, they’ve looked at diversifying ways to drive partnerships on a global scale. However, CIRA’s efforts have not been viable for the majority of Canadian business, but strictly enterprise.

Working with organizations of all sizes while honing his CEO position at Say Yeah has taught Lee how to bring value to both the businesses and enterprises he serves as clients, as well as the customers of those businesses.

“We know where digital is today and where it’s going. It’s important to bring this expertise to the Board because it could provide new insight around how CIRA can help drive the Canadian economy.”

Lee says he values the power of the internet as a means to benefit Canadians and form unity and prosperity across the nation.

“Our vision of the internet is a voice to those who use it in Canada. I want to help CIRA be proactive in shaping the internet and providing access for Canadians,” says Lee, “If we can show our growth as a nation digitally, we serve as a beacon to other nations around the world.”

Lee stresses the importance of being involved in CIRA’s efforts to transform the internet as Canadian citizens and CIRA members.

“As a member, you have the opportunity to stay informed and participate in the upcoming vote for the Board of Directors. We live in a digital-driven age, with CIRA as one of the most important drivers of this new opportunity to connect Canadians and grow the economy in Canada. Don’t miss out on being a part of this!”

The board of directors’ election vote runs from September 22 until September 29 and you can tune in to CIRA’s Canadians Connected event the afternoon of September 22.