CommunityLend branding

For years Americans have enjoyed the advantages of person to person lending and borrowing, but due to strict regulations here in Canada, loans could only be issued by accredited lenders like banks and credit card companies. Working closely with regulators, CommunityLend will soon be offering Canadian lenders and borrowers alike the opportunity to play in the once tightly-closed $100 Billion industry.

With a bright idea in place, and even brighter future, CommunityLend came to us looking for help introducing online person to person lending to the Canadian public. We designed and wrote the CommunityLend site to gradually walk potential borrowers and lenders through this new process, clearly defining what person to person lending is and its benefits to consumers.

While we can’t yet show you the full scope of our marketing, design and application development work for CommunityLend, we encourage you to take a look at the first phase of development which is viewable at CommunityLend. This includes the new design standards and visual language, launched April 2008.

What we’ve worked on:

  • Strategic Development from the Brand out.
  • Communications concept and marketing web site.
  • Application interface design.
  • Community site design.