John Gruber, today:

For years, when Apple was down, they were held up as proof that making the best products didn’t matter. The Mac is better than Windows and look what happened was the refrain.

Not any more. Yesterday, Apple recorded the second most profitable quarter of any US company, ever. Just look at these charts from Dan Frommer:

Analytics of the mobile and tablet market

These numbers are unreal. You’re looking at a hugely successful company launching itself into the stratosphere. And with no sign of slowing down, given the potential for the tablet market.

Quarter to quarter, year to year, we’re seeing how design, playing into every aspect of a company and its products can lead to world changing, mind-boggiling greatness. With design at this pervasive level, we’re seeing value for the consumer, for the company, for everyone, as Apple continues to innovate and provide opportunities to an ever growing ecosystem of consumers, designers, developers, and more.

As Dylan Tweney wrote this past August:

Jobs has spent 15 years building the ultimate machine for inventing, manufacturing and selling consumer electronics, and just because he’s retiring, the machine is not about to grind to a halt any time soon.

Amen to that.

And now back to our own design work!