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With all the holiday season events on the go, let’s take the time out to focus on one that affects us all locally, HoHoTO. Now in its third year, HoHoTO has been focused on raising money for Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank, an organization for which I’ve volunteered in the past and one that Say Yeah has been supporting with each of our HoHoTO sponsorships over the past few years. And each year the annual event at the Mod Club has sold out with increasingly greater dollars and donations making their way directly to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

With the event coming up this Thursday evening I see there are still tickets remaining and would like to encourage everyone to show their support, whether they can attend or not (either way, you’re donating to a great cause).

Tickets and sponsorships are available here.

And if you’re super ambitious, you can join Ryan McKegney in worrying not about your meagre ticket buying contribution, but looking at a healthy sponsorship which goes directly to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Of course, the tax benefits for a business are clear, so there’s no excuse for not simply sponsoring the event for as little as $250.00.

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