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This week is super busy as we approach the holiday season. Apart from the whack of daytime work events to explore on the TO Events Calendar, fundraising and evening socials dominate the calendar this week.

The week began Monday with the #pepsitweetup, celebrating all the great Canadian initiatives Pepsi is supporting in 2010. There was a chance at the event to show what you care about. And whether you have an environmental, cultural, health, educational or arts project you’d like to tackle in 2011, be sure to submit your idea for funding to the Pepsi Refresh Project.

This week also prevents us with the Movember Gala Thursday evening. You’ll be able to catch me there in support of Prostate Cancer Canada. Even if you can’t make it, you can still donate to our fundraising team here. With over $1500 raised, we’re pretty happy with this year’s efforts and I’ve noticed a real jump in awareness from last year.

Also, Matt will be at tonight’s Sproutup, so be sure to say hi.

And feel free to join me at =People Downtown’s Tequila Monthly this Friday evening as we celebrate world electronic music and the relaunch of

Lots more on the go
As always, you can find all the great weekly events on Yeah Social’s TO Events Calendar. And feel free to add your favourite events to the TO Events Calendar or reach out to us with some suggestions so we can keep everyone up to date.