This is an archive. The TO Events Calendar is no longer active.


As we swing into December’s holiday season, the list of things to do is going to grow exponentially. From workday seminars to afternoon holiday get together’s, and evening soirées, including our favourite event of the season, HoHoTO. We’ll focus on highlighting a few of these events throughout the month that are worth juggling your schedule around.

This week, one of the most important annual Canadian events for the new media industry is being held in Toronto. Wednesday night presents the Canadian New Media Awards show. I talked about this earlier leading up to my participation as a judge in the social media category, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the great projects from across the country.

Over the weekend, Random Hacks of Kindness presents an opportunity for devs to sink their teeth into global issues, and work together to help solve real-world problems.

Lots more on the go
As always, you can find all the great weekly events on Yeah Social’s TO Events Calendar. And feel free to add your favourite events to the TO Events Calendar or reach out to us with some suggestions so we can keep everyone up to date.