This is an archive. The TO Events Calendar is no longer active.


Where to begin! This week we’ve got Twitter and Hallowe’en parties, music industry get togethers, UX Intensives, small business, Android and open source conferences and get togethers, and much, much more. But our most important event of the week, municipal voting. If you haven’t already done so, get out and vote.

A Toronto mayor
Even if you’re not happy with the two top mayoral candidates give a vote to Joe Pantalone or one of the other myriad options so the top two know your support doesn’t lie with their policies.

Representing your neighbourhood
And make sure to put your support behind your neighbourhood ward candidate. As important as the mayor is, your local candidate is there to speak for you and your neighbourhood.

School board trustees
Finally, you’ll be asked to vote for a school trustee. You can find more information on the trustees for your ward at

All the other great events
As always, you can find all the week’s events on the Yeah Social’s TO Events Calendar. And feel free to add your choice events to the TO Events Calendar or reach out to us with some suggestions so we can keep everyone up to date.