On October 26 and 27, 2017, join Say Yeah at iVentures 2017, a conference full of great talks, panels, and workshops, educating on and inspiring the future of interactive digital media (IDM). We’ll be there to document the event, connect with our peers, and explore multi-sector collaborations that are shaping IDM’s future.

For two days, attendees will learn about emerging innovations in technology, including virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), artificial intelligence (AI), wearables, chat bots, and more. Gain insight on the business of the gaming industry, connect with business leaders, government representatives, and trade associations from across the IDM industry, and explore cross-sector collaborations from healthcare to education, architecture to tourism.

Connect and be inspired

Major topics of discussion we are excited to dig into at iVentures include alternate realities, inclusive design, and collaboration:

  • Alternate realities John Schrag, Head of Experience Design, Live Design Group, Autodesk
  • Inclusive design Ian Hamilton, Accessibility SpecialistBenjamin St. Louis, Director, AODA
  • Health and IDM collaborations Courtney Cole, CEO and Founder, ForaHealthyMeMarguerite Dibble, CEO, GameTheory

We want to connect with you

Our CEO Lee Dale and content producer Caroline Dinnall would love to connect with anyone attending the conference to continue the conversation on these related topics. Strike up a conversation with us!

Tweet @yousayyeah or get in touch to connect with at iVentures!

The Expo

In between talks, visit the Interactive Digital Media Expo to interact with video game, VR and AR, and eLearning producers. Cineplex and Blacknut are among many exhibits and demos that will be featured at the Expo.

Attending iVentures 2017

iVentures is an opportunity to enrich your IDM knowledge and connect with some of the top minds behind interactive media and branded entertainment. Glean understanding on the future of IDM from international game company executives, business leaders, content producers, and distributors.

Hosted by Interactive Ontario, iVentures 2017 will be held at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto.

We hope to see you there this week!