Say Yeah moves to Richmond and Spadina offices.

2011 is off to a heckuva start!

We’ve got work in the pipeline for Web Foundation, NuLayer, Jet Cooper, blogTO, and a whole host of other great companies and people. Everything from desktop to Web to mobile apps.

We’re pretty well settled in our new Richmond and Spadina office space.

And we just received word that our (Jon Lax and I) Abolish the Hourly, How Value Pricing Wins Clients SXSW talk has been accepted, so we’ll be sharing some success stories with the world come March.

The only trouble is, we’ve been distracted from three of our own important projects: Kipu, the Toronto events calendar, and writing here on the Say Yeah blog.

One step at a time: more Kipu invites will be going out this week, then we’ll look to get the calendar back up to it’s normal informative self, and new user experience articles will be coming in February right here on the Say Yeah blog.

Exciting stuff!