Toronto Events Calendar

We’re happy to announce the Toronto Events Calendar, a central location for all of Toronto’s design, technology and cultural events.

There are already too many events sites, why should I use this one?

We created this calendar to group all of Toronto’s events together. We’re not trying to replace Facebook, Eventbrite or other event systems, we’re just here to help you find relevant events from those sites. As such, this calendar gives a quick overview of each event that is listed, with a link out to the official event page where you can go to find out more and sign up. It’ll also tell you what hashtag to follow on Twitter, so you can get in on the conversation.

And, yes, we’re super thankful for the hard work that’s been put into the Torcamp and TOGeekEvents calendars, but that’s just the problem: one person managing a Toronto calendar is near impossible with all the events that come and go on a daily basis. We want to save the aggravation and wiki the heck out of this, so anyone can add or edit any events in this calendar.

How does it work?

Events that are posted on the calendar are public. Anyone who visits can view all the events on the calendar. If you’d like to post or edit an event, you just need to register with an email address, username and password. We never share your info with anyone, not even leprechauns.

This won’t work without you, so please share your events and the ones you’re attending with the rest of the community. We’ll keep the data as open as possible and find ways to improve sharing as we continue to build out the calender and make all our lives easier.

What’s next?

This is just the first step in creating a truly useful event calendar, and we’re looking for your help. We’ve got lots of ideas on how to improve it, and I bet you do too, so let us know of your suggestions on how we can make this calendar more useful. You can use the comments, hit the feedback button on the left, or email us directly at

Check out the calendar

You can access the calendar by clicking on the ’Events’ link in our main menu. So check it out.