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We made the decision this year that we wanted to focus on one thing and one thing only, building apps that help make your life easier and more enjoyable.

For the past three years we’ve been building and maintaining an app that makes our life easier for publishing content, but we haven’t shared this with you. That’s just silly. This left us with two options, focus on getting that app out there for you or put ourselves in a position where we didn’t have to keep maintaining our own publishing platform.

Recent developments in online publishing (tumblr, posterous and squarespace for example) have meant that we now have access to other publishing tools that make it a breeze to share content, maintain sites, and solve most of our feature set desires. Additionally, we have other apps we want to focus on now. So we made the decision to back away from our publishing app.

This meant we needed to find a tool that would allow us to do just one thing as effortlessly as possible: share content. And after looking at tumblr, posterous and squarespace, we’re now pleased to say this site is running on tumblr!

Now, we’ve certainly made some sacrifices in this transition, not the least of which is having no control over the URL format (so any old links are broken, including TO Events Calendar event links. Whoops!). Matt will be sharing a post shortly on what’s missing, changed, or what we’d like to see from tumblr. Stay tuned!