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This is our own project, rather than a client project, but there are some great insights here that we’re excited to share.

First of all, we learned that it isn’t all that daunting to launch a new product into a seemingly saturated market. When you have another take on how to serve the market, provided every touch point tells this story, you can find success.

Kipu is a great example of how the experience of a product isn’t covered by just the design and function of the app itself. We spent a great deal of time considering how we were going to break into an underserved market which had learned to loathe the kind of product we were offering them

.We addressed this across every touch point of the product, from the tone of the content to the style of the app to the marketing material, and certainly how we were going to present and seed ourselves to the market.

The result was thousands of prelaunch email signups and a rabid base of users who couldn’t wait to have the chance to work with Kipu. Yes, the product was carefully designed to serve the market, but it’s not enough to have a great product if you can’t reach an engaged user base.