On May 2nd, TechMasters partnered with TELUS to host NodeDay 2018, a one-day event highlighting how node.js provides a solid digital transformation foundation for legacy organizations. Ultimately, NodeDay was designed to inform leaders about the benefits of using modern programming languages and approaches in order to combat disruption.

Welcoming over 200 C-level attendees and developers at the TELUS digital Conference Space, the event was a source for rich insights on programming, agile approaches, data best practices, and the benefits of working with open source technologies.

Top representatives of the javascript and digital transformation scenes shared a wealth of insights through the various talks, panels, and workshops that took place at NodeDay 2018. Here are some takeaways.


Digital transformation as the DNA in organizations

Every successful business in the world is using technology, whether selling a product or service, actively engaging customers, or supporting how your team works together. With every business looking to improve customer experience and service delivery models, it’s those who can tap into the most effective, transformational technology and processes that begin to set themselves apart.  But how do businesses keep up with emerging technologies and practices? How do they know which what will benefit them the most?

Paul Savage, COO at nearForm, says organizations will only know the impact of the right technology in their businesses if they take the time to understand it and always find new ways to apply it.

“The real secret is to build a culture of innovation. It’s not about, ‘I’m on a legacy system. I’m gonna transform, I’m gonna be on a new system and everything’s good.’ It’s building in the capability to change and innovate as you go. Digital transformation will lead to DNA inside organizations where they are constantly changing.”

Organizations need to prepare for, jump into, and understandably ride the waves of digital transformation to become adaptive to new opportunities afforded by emerging technologies.

Applying Node.js isn’t just a trend, it’s a game changer for experience delivery

Node.js is a platform that will continue to bring alignment and efficiency to teams through a shared language across the full development stack.

“Node.js and the web platform are really this deeply connected Venn diagram of technologies where we have Javascript, HTML, and the Web cloud platform as this common dialect of how we’re able to deliver these dynamic experiences for end users. Node is speaking the same language and it is enabling us to deliver those experiences faster,” said Dan Shaw, Strategic Advisor at nearForm.

Large enterprises are adopting Node.js because of community benefits

Principal Architect Joel Chen said that WalmartLabs immediately invested in Node.js as their standard platform for web development, not just for the internal team efficiencies it provided, but in an effort to tap into an open community and follow open standards.

“We wanted to be able to hire people who have existing skills that they could immediately use when they came to WalmartLabs. [Node.js] is collaborative and has a huge community and an open working environment.”

Panel discussions in Node Day 2018 Toronto with Tara Z. Manicsic, Jory Burson, Kyle Hodgson, Joel Chen, and Briana Brownell

Other topics discussed at NodeDay included security and privacy in digital businesses, data as a driving force for customer delivery, innovation, and inclusivity benefits and practices.

NodeDay 2018 was a great opportunity to channel in on how modern technology, like Node.js, play a role in transforming organizations. We encourage you to stay connected with TechMasters to keep up to date with their future events.

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