For the past couple of years, we’ve framed our expertise not by industry, but by the type of problem solving we do, which we’ve successfully applied to projects across many client verticals.

When discussing our expertise, we like to talk about transactional flows, large amounts of information, and, more recently, how to support users across multiple devices.

With our new site design, we included these items on every page of the site, because they’re a vital lens to finding the right projects, helping folks better understand the work we do, and how we can help them.

Here’s the detailed list of the problem solving we do best:

  1. You need to improve the transactional flow within a product, such as signups, checkouts, or other calls to action.
  2. You would like to provide users with access to complex data sets and large amounts of information in an intuitive, rewarding way.
  3. You’d like to improve engagement across multiple screens, including defining experiences for users with multiple devices, such as a desktop, tablet, phone, and more.
  4. You want to measure product releases over time to help ensure design and engineering efforts are meeting business and user goals.
  5. You’re looking to bring a new product to market.

If you’ve got a product you’re working on that could benefit from just this kind of problem solving, get in touch with us.