Last week we had the pleasure of joining Sam Ladner, Jon Lax and our moderator Simon Conlin on a NXNE panel discussion about value pricing. Abolish The Hourly was a well attended session and, from on stage, appeared to be capture the audience. I suppose any time you challenge the status quo, people take notice. But this topic is really nothing new, though it may be somewhat foreign to the creative services industry.

To help with this introduction, Sam laid some groundwork around the history of the hourly and time tracking. I followed with the presentation you see below as an intro for freelancers and small businesses. Jon riffed on these ideas and brought some further insight based around his agency experience and working with US customers.

View the slide deck on SlideShare.

We’re hoping to continue the conversation online and at future conferences. And I believe one area where we’ll need to expand the discussion is on the value this model brings to the customer. Jon touched on this with some examples, particularly CP&B’s relationship with Burger King. The key being how much more dedicated any service provider will be when their client’s bottom line affects them. Instead of counting hours, you’re focused on delivering results.

As the discussion grows, we hope you’ll join us in sharing your insight, thoughts and feedback. Particularly the dude at the end of the session who said there are no issues with the hourly model. Being that we couldn’t agree less, I’m ever more interested in hearing his point of view.

As always, you can view more of our decks on SlideShare and please feel free to add your comments below or join the discussion on the Teehan Lax blog.

Talk to you soon.