Patio Friday

We just participated in our 4th Patio Friday of 2009 this past Friday, June 5. What a treat. Rahaf was in from Geneva in support of her book launch, so we had the opportunity to get Craig, Dave, Rahaf and I together to talk World Wide Web Foundation and the future of the Web.

Matt and I also took our early arrival time as an opportunity to discuss next steps for the Toronto Events Calendar. Really, why would you sit in a stale air, bulb lit meeting room when you had the chance to enjoy some sun and air. Invigorating.

We’re looking forward to continuing to be at Patio Fridays throughout the summer and would love to see you out, whether to discuss a project, idea, life in general, or just to enjoy the good company.

As Jevon said, “It looks like @patiofriday is going to be the thought commons in Toronto this summer. Get there and share.” Let’s make it happen. Fun in the sun, indeed!

Keep on top of the goings on with the Patio Friday Twitter account.

Patio Friday pics on Flickr.