Update: Facebook bought Moves and then shut it down. Vanhawks was purchased by Warren Industries.

Man on bicycle

Moves is such a great app because it provides rich data about your day to day activities with almost no user input.

Not only is it running in the background, but based on some built-in app intelligence, it does a near 100% accurate job of determining whether you’re walking, running, cycling, or driving.

Led by just these two simple tasks (running in the background and tracking how you move) Moves is able to provide you with a daily snapshot of your activities that’s more rewarding than a step counter and doesn’t require any additional wearable. Cool beans!

Moves app UI

Daanish Maan at Vanhawks, makers of the Valour smart bike, gets it. He just wants you to ride.

If we can teach the bike what it means to go on a ride it will know when to start and stop tracking your rides.

No start button required. Just ride and your trip is tracked. This is precisely the approach we take when we talk about making an app simple.

Simple is not about doing less for the end user, it’s about doing much, much more with all the heavy lifting happening behind the scenes, away from the user.

For us, if an app isn’t providing exponentially more value than the effort you put into using it, you’re asking too much of your users. Moves and Vanhawks are two amazing examples of planning and executing in a way that deliver remarkable value.