South by Southwest group

Today is the last day for SXSW 2011 panel picker voting. Make sure you find those panels that matter to you and give them some love so you can enjoy your SXSW. Whether our Abolish the Hourly value pricing presentation, or the new gems we’ve spotted in the past week highlighted below, we’re sure you’ll find some panels that interest you.

Design and UX

Post UI Modern Design: Inspired by Frank Gehry
Paula Guntaur, Microsoftie
Yes, this panel will discuss and show examples of how UI design has evolved through the same historical process as architecture and industrial design, but please read the original description because it’s a work of art itself.

More Than a Feeling: Designing for Emotion
Aaron Walter, Mailchimp
When we design for emotional engagement, we create a powerful bond with our audience that makes them devoted fans and vocal evangelists. This panel will explore the psychology behind emotional design and share real world examples of how it’s changing interactions on the Web. Vote now!

Health, Inspiration and Working Smart

Stop Working Nights & Weekends and Get A Life!
Ryan McMinn, Microsoftie
While you worked 80+ hrs this week Ryan has been riding a bike down the US coast and is more successful than you. So it’s time you come learn tips, trick and lessons on how to get a life while still having an awesome career.

Get Paid For What You Do For Free
Taylor Davidson and Julien Smith
Transitioning from passion to paid is a difficult bridge to cross.We’ll share lessons learned from our personal and professional lives and create a discussion of the strategies and tactics used by everyone in the room.

Life After Wii Fit: Geeks On Fitness
Wesley Hodgson and friends.
Answering the age old question: How will getting active help me be a better nerd?

The Future

Sotropia: Life in 2040
Jodee Rich, Brian Solis, Stowe Boyd, Deanna Zandt, Mark Pesce
Let’s peer into the near future. It’s the Year 2040, 35 years after the social networking revolution began. How has human behavior changed? Just how blurred are the boundaries between public and private persona? How much do we share? And how will this impact the way we build relationships and find information?

That’s it. Get your vote on and we’ll see you in March!