Training Magazine‘s TechLearn Conference heads to New Orleans for its 2023 edition!

The annual TechLearn 2023 Conference presents an excellent opportunity for learning and development professionals to unpack workplace performance strategies that capitalize on the latest learning research and technologies.

Working at the intersection of tech + education to build effective and engaging online courses, we appreciate conversations that explore how these elements combine to produce accessible training programs that impact organizational growth.

What you can expect at the TechLearn 2023 Conference

Starting September 19, the three-day conference will highlight topics like AI, design, implementation, evaluation, assessment, eLearning, adaptive learning, virtual classrooms, VR, and more. Beyond networking opportunities and engaging sessions, the conference also promises: 

  • 3 exciting New Orleans tourist adventures,
  • 4 pre-conference certificate programs, and 
  • 56 breakout sessions. 

Catch these exciting sessions:

  • Opportunities and Limitations of AI in the Workplace with Dr. Vivienne Ming
  • Design With, Not For with Ann Yoachim
  • The Seeds of Virtual Training: Growing Attendee Engagement Online with John Chen
  • Hybrid Flexible Learning: What, Why, and How This Impacts Business with Liana Griffin
  • How to Prepare Your Company for New Technologies with Debbie Richards

Check out the full conference schedule here.

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