Join us at the annual eCampusOntario Technology and Education Seminar and Showcase (TESS) Conference on November 1–2!

Technology offers endless possibilities to enable effective lifelong learning, especially with the increasing demand for eLearning. eCampusOntario’s TESS Conference presents an excellent opportunity to explore new ways to leverage best practices in technology to empower and help learners thrive in evolving social and work environments.

Learner success comes from prioritizing emerging technologies and learning practices, providing better access to reskilling and upskilling opportunities, and developing strategies to make learning more human. These factors, which contribute to improved learning outcomes, will be explored at this event.

Working at the intersection between tech + education, we look forward to the opportunity to connect with other learning leaders and educators to exchange insights on how these two elements combine to unlock impactful, accessible, and engaging online learning experiences for all.

What’s in store for you at the TESS Conference?

From presentations to focused tracks, the two-day event will highlight topics like experiential learning, transformative technology, the digital balance, and the lifelong learner. The conference also promises an opportunity to connect with other educators and learning professionals at a special networking reception.

Catch these exciting sessions:

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