Say Yeah redesigns website to be responsive

We’ve just launched our brand spanking new, responsive website at Previously, we were fully reliant on Tumblr, with a single desktop template, and Tumblr’s default mobile template, which had about as much personality as you’d expect from grey text on a white background.

Now with the new, we’ve accounted for high resolution 20″ wide browser windows with some generally off-screen easter eggs, and addressed layout considerations across everything from 1024 pixel wide browser windows to landscape or portrait tablets, all the way down to smartphones. And we’ve designed different custom layouts for both the marketing site and our new Tumblr theme for the blog, including on mobile.

We’re excited to see how this move to responsive design captures the interest of visitors across the myriad devices that are out there.

In the meantime, Luke Wroblewski’s pulled together a handful of statistics based on responsive redesigns for Time Inc, O’Neill Clothing, and Skinny Ties.


Time Inc has seen mobile views increase 26% while the mobile bounce rate has decreased by 26%. Together, that’s fantastic.

O’Neill has seen a 65.7% conversion rate increase on iPhone/iPod, accounting for 101.2% revenue growth.

And Skinny Ties has seen a 71.9% conversion rate increase on the iPhone, accounting for 377.6% revenue growth.

More details, including Android and non-mobile stats on Luke’s article.

This all looks promising, but Luke is quick to note that it’s only three sites:

If you’ve had success with a responsive design, my plea to you is to please share what you’ve learned. The more we can learn from each other, the better we can all get.

If you’ve got any numbers to share about your recent move to responsive site design, we’d love to hear from you at