The War of Art book cover

Whenever I’m faced with a creative struggle and procrastination rears its ugly head (like facing the daunting task of writing my first blog entry), I pick up this book on ‘Creative Resistance’ – the resistance that hinders our potential and prevents us from greatness. This resistance stops us from sitting down to do what we must – whether it be a business venture or new exercise regime.

The War of Art is a super fast read and broken up into tiny easy to digest chapters. This makes it ideal for a quick boost – offering accessible tidbits of advice, inspiration, and that ever-so-needed kick in the butt.

I have highlighted some of the quotes that I reference frequently. I thrive on inspirational quotes. I feel that unless you’ve totally embraced or adopted an important message, you can’t read it or be exposed to it enough. Whether you have it tacked on to your ‘vision board’ or highlighted in a book, having those powerful words as a constant reminder is invaluable. Here is a selection of gems from The War of Art that I found to be inspiring.

On ‘Resistance’

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.”

“The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”

“Never forget: This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny.”

On ‘Combating Resistance’

“I write only when inspiration strikes … Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”

“I’m keenly aware of the Principle of Priority, which states (a) you must know the difference between what is urgent and what is important, and (b) you must do what’s important first.”

“The amateur believes he must first overcome his fear, then he can do his work. The professional knows that fear can never be overcome.”

“The professional knows that Resistance is like a telemarketer; if you so much as say hello, you’re finished. The pro doesn’t even pick up the phone. He stays at work.”

“The professional keeps his eye on the doughnut and not on the hole. He reminds himself it’s better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull, than to be up in the stands or out in the parking lot.”

“The professional learns to recognize envy-driven criticism and to take it for what it is: the supreme compliment. The critic hates most that which he would have done himself if he had had the guts.”

‘Beyond Resistance’

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now.”

“The instinct that pulls us toward art is the impulse to evolve, to learn, to heighten and elevate our consciousness.”

“We come into this world with a specific, personal destiny. We have a job to do, a calling to enact, a self to become. Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.”