Note: Our inclusive language policies have changed since this post was written. Of note, our note about beer has been changed to be more inclusive of all different preferences and needs surrounding alcohol consumption in the office.


Things are happening at Say Yeah that are making the business development and creative director’s heads spin.

So much on the go, so many projects with so many emails to sift through, blog articles to write, and people to connect with.

If you’re the kind of person who has a passion for design and loves playing with apps, while slightly OCD about being organized, we want to hear from you.

Tasks we’d love for you to be keen to tackle:

  1. Help keep project deadlines organized.
  2. Help manage the flow of email for the biz dev dude.
  3. Help stay on top of local events and other goings on.
  4. Help stay in touch with new contacts, moving from business cards to connections.
  5. Help define and execute a regular blog publishing schedule.

A few notes on responsibilities:

  1. Great writing makes us giddy. If you have the chops, we’ll want to throw some topics and article outlines at you so you can help keep our corporate blog fresh.
  2. We have lots of receipts floating around. We may ask you to input these into the dreaded Quickbooks accounting software. If we find this makes sense, it still won’t be more than a half day a week at most.
  3. We’ll also walk you through some of our beta apps so you can help us make sure they’re working the way they should. This means you get to try great new apps before they’re released and help shape their design and function.

A few notes on experience and pay:

  1. We’re looking for the right person, not a specific degree. If you feel you have what it takes to tackle some or all of the above, get in touch at
  2. Whether you’re an intern or someone more seasoned, we’ll be talking short term contract before we segue into a salary commensurate with experience. That way we all get to see how well we work together and see if we can find the right set of responsibilities.

How to apply:

Please send an email to with a list of your accomplishments, portfolio if you’re keen to show off your writing chops, design interests, twitter and a link to your personal blog if you’ve got one. We’ll be in touch from there.

Our office:

We share space with a few other vibrant startups in a wonderful downtown studio at Spadina and Richmond in Toronto. Some highlights of the neighbourhood: everything you’d ever need to do in Toronto is within walking distance. This includes tennis courts, basketball, stellar foodstuffs, shopping, the Blue Jays, a dog park, and much, much more. I suppose the beach is too far, but that’s about it.

There’s beer and sparkling water in the fridge (though it’s a little warm in there right now, but I’m pretty sure that’ll be fixed soon) along with a kitchenette and private washroom within our space.

We’re looking for someone to occupy the desk pictured above, but if you feel there’s a fit for you at Say Yeah from afar, let us know.

And hey, if you’re an interactive designer (Web or mobile), we’re always looking for great designers to join our team, so feel free to send your resume and portfolio too.