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Kathryn provides copy editing and editorial coaching and consulting for Say Yeah and educational clients. 

Previously VP/Senior Editor at Colborne Communications and publisher of the hybrid Iguana Books, she has been focusing primarily on working with publishers, institutions, and companies in the educational space since 2018.

Most of Kathryn’s current work involves online or digital educational materials for higher education, high school, or English language training, such as OERs, e-textbooks, and supplementary websites for print textbooks. 

As an experienced all-around editor, her roles on projects vary depending on the need and include all levels of editing (developmental editing, substantive editing, line editing, and copy editing), as well as writing, researching, editorial consulting, and occasionally coaching.

Kathryn is passionate about being part of the transformational process of learning. Her editorial approach—while grounded in strong fundamentals—is inspired by a desire to help writers connect with their audience, balanced by a strong conviction that learners should be given what they need to fully understand the material and feel supported in their learning journey.

Kathryn holds a MA in English from the University of Calgary and lives in Toronto, where she reads too much, visits breweries and bookstores, watches and despairs over the Maple Leafs, and escapes to go camping when it all gets too much.

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