Capturing mobile markets

Mobile apps are used in greater numbers today than ever before, and the number of mobile apps available to users has grown exponentially in recent years. As familiarity with apps across platforms has grown, user expectations have matured. Users have come to expect a highly usable, engaging, and rewarding experience. And it’s what you’ll need to ensure ongoing use beyond the initial app store download.

As part of our approach, we employ tailored solutions for each mobile app project to ensure the expectations of both your user base and your organization are met and exceeded. This effort to align market needs with organizational objectives and capabilities reduces effort and inefficiency while improving customer experience. This approach has led to a series of award-winning apps. More importantly, it has helped build brands and radically improve customer experience for our clients.

Making the most of your app

Our accurate and actionable data can be discovered and acted upon by users, and where users are rewarded exponentially for the effort they put into using your app.

We create these effective app workflows with your team by first exploring the key value we can deliver for the organization and the app users. This exploration allows us to define an effective timeline and budget framework, from product strategy, through to launch, and with each update that follows.

And we go a step further, bringing an inclusive approach to the planning, design, and development of your app—so you can reach and engage with the widest possible market for your app.

And we work to develop a deep understanding of the user journeys of the people interacting with your mobile appto ensure you’re providing value and encouraging transactions where they matter most.

A responsible approach to getting to market

Successful applications do more than just align user goals and organizational objectives. Successful mobile apps abstract away complexity in order to scale impact and engagement and deliver clarity through a delightful user experience.

Often, the more features your product includes, the more complicated the interface is to navigate, making it more difficult for users to understand and engage with your product. Accommodating the design, development, testing, and maintenance of each feature also adds costs to the project. This features-driven approach to building out digital products misses the mark in delivering exceptional and rewarding experiences.

We work with teams to understand market use cases and organizational capabilities to streamline products towards finding the surest path to engagement. This approach allows us to plan and ship app projects with reduced time-to-market and ongoing content management and app development effort, while prioritizing user and organizational needs that deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes.

App design success story: Tourism Toronto

    How we helped

  • We helped deliver a new, award-winning, on-the-go experience which provided more comprehensive city-focused content to visitors
  • Worked with the organization to expand content and extend sponsorship opportunities to cover new use cases
  • Increased “time-on-site” for each visitor to the organization’s digital properties with the addition of this stickier channel

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An inclusive approach to mobile app design

Our inclusive approach to mobile app design doesn’t just lead to an effective interface. An inclusive approach also allows you to reach and engage with the widest possible market.

Our research, strategy, design, and development work is focused on three pillars: usability, accessibility, and inclusivity. Together, these pillars lead to increased engagement and access to market by removing barriers and ensuring an exceptional experience for all.

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Our app design service mix


  • Identifying key goals for the app, including organizational goals and market needs
  • User research to determine how to deliver a superior app user experience by understanding user journeys, jobs-to-be-done, and use cases
  • Defining platform requirements which will best serve the market and organizational needs, including the right mix of web and native Android, iOS, and other technologies


  • Collaborating with your team to ensure the app aligns organizational requirements with each use case
  • Structuring and designing the most intuitive user flow to meet user needs and guide users towards organizational goals
  • Driving engagement throughout the app and within individual screens with visuals, content, and calls to action designed to resonate with the user
  • Full fidelity screens and patterns covering all use cases, flows, and states


  • Coordinated deadline tracking to meet your key milestones
  • Intuitive visual assets, notes, and animations to outline front-end coded user experience and user interaction requirements
  • Development coordination as required to help bring your app to life
  • In-depth testing at each phase of development to ensure alignment with objectives and outcomes
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  • Analytics, user testing, behavioural reviews, and A/B testing to ensure business value and optimization opportunities
  • App refinement and improvements based on qualitative data and user testing
  • Ongoing reviews of organizational and market needs to uncover new opportunities to drive growth, engagement, and user satisfaction

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