If you’ve ever asked the question “How can I ensure research delivers impact?”, Good Research is your chance to find out the answer.

Good Research is a week-long program hosted by Colette Kolenda, who will be joined by 12 well-experienced research leaders. Discover how to make sure you are doing quality research that’s impactful while learning research practices you can implement in your work.

The event is jam-packed with talks that cover topics including research preparation, fundamentals of research, digging into qualitative and quantitative research, storytelling, and driving impact with research.

Talks we’re excited about

  • Planning Research Projects with Raz Schwartz, Monday at 2 PM
  • Embracing a Digital-First Approach to Research with Razan Sadeq-Keyes, Tuesday at 2 PM
  • Understanding Impact with Colette Kolenda, Thursday at 10 AM
  • Building a Research Practice From the Ground Up with Cristen Torrey, Friday at 2 PM

“As researchers, we don’t create value directly – we do it indirectly by improving the decision-making capabilities of others.” ~ Colette Kolenda presents Understanding Impact, Thursday 10 AM

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