Whether you are a user experience (UX) designer, student, working professional, or simply hold an interest in service design, we recommend you take a look at “Service Design for the Real World: A Practical Introduction.” This is a virtual, self-directed course.

Until March 19, 2022, you can sign up for the Service Design for the Real World: A Practical Introduction, Online Course, for free!

This program is perfect for those looking to incorporate service design into their organization, expand their current knowledge, transition into a service design role, or collaborate with those in the field.

An illustration highlighting the front stage and back of stage in a theatre (what the audience sees, and what's going on behind the scenes).
Front stage and back stage. This service design concept illustrates that a consumer engages with some aspects of a service but there is more that happens behind the scenes to best facilitate that service.

The course ensures that you not only have an understanding of service design methodologies, but it teaches you how to apply Service Design in an organizational setting.

In this program, you will take part in a number of activities and be provided with a resource list to enrich your learning experience as you work through the 9 course modules.

9 course modules

  1. Introduction to Service Design
  2. Research & Discovery
  3. Ideation
  4. Prototyping and Testing
  5. Stakeholder Management
  6. Artifacts & Deliverables
  7. Business Modelling
  8. Becoming a Service Designer
  9. Resources & Activities

For a detailed explanation of the course content visit the course website.

Service Design Course Website

The instructors

This program has been put together by three industry professionals who will also virtually guide you through your learning.

The instructors are:

  1. Patrick Bach: As a Service Design & Behavioural Economics Leader Patrick has had the opportunity to speak at the Global Service Design Conference and other service design and customer experience conferences worldwide.
  2. Chelsea Omel: Being in Innovation Strategy as well as Facilitation & Design, Chelsea has consulted individuals from many industries like financial services, technology, consumer packaged goods, and charities. Her experiences have provided her with the knowledge needed to guide others in surpassing difficulties and bettering their use of service design.
  3. Markus Grupp: From his experience as a Design Leader, Markus has helped clients like Indigo, TELUS, Rogers Communications, and Orange/ France Telecom to embrace more human-centred design practices.

Free until March 19, 2022

This course usually costs $62.99 CAD, but if you sign up before March 19th you will have free access to the entire course.

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