Service design

Optimize your team’s efforts to deliver a consistent, connected customer experience that drives engagement and retention.

Service design answers important operational questions

  How do we deliver services more effectively by increasing online adoption?  

  Are we making the best technology choices for our organization?  

  How do we improve collaboration across our organization in order to improve service delivery?  

  How do we improve the omni-channel customer experience?  

We’re here to help you answer these and other questions that will help your organization operate more effectively.

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Connected experiences, delivered

The essence of service design is to create new services–or transform existing ones-that more closely align market needs with organizational objectives and capabilities.

Most traditional service design shops urge their clients to primarily affect cultural or organizational change.

Our team focuses on a more pragmatic approach. It’s digital-centric and yields impressive results for our clients.

We offer you service and related product recommendations that are immediately actionable, delivering improvements across key metrics such as customer growth, engagement, retention, satisfaction, revenue, team efficiency, and more.

Our service design toolkit

1. Discovery

Using a variety of information gathering and research methods, we identify and map the holistic experience of your services, and how customers, staff and other players move through your service’s touchpoints.

2. Analysis

We do a deep-dive into identifying organizational gaps, market opportunities, and process improvements, with tactics including customer journey mapping, service blueprinting, and more.

3. Optimization and implementation

Our analysis and synthesis of findings will set the blueprint that guides your team in making strategic improvements to your services. You’ll have the tools you need to align internal teams and stakeholders, deliver services more efficiently, and apply the added lens of digital strategy consulting to uncover new automation, data, and digital product opportunities.

4. Continuous improvement

Our team will coach you through foundational objectives and key results (OKRs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), related data tracking, user testing, analysis, and methodologies to make your service delivery stronger on an ongoing basis.

Let’s explore how this toolkit can help your organization multiply your product and service successes.

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Our service design related processes

User research

We use a variety of methodologies for user research. These methods can range from qualitative interviews and workshops, using quantitative surveying and analytics, observation, and usability testing. All to understand what’s working and where we can improve organizational processes and people, and better serve the market with more aligned products and services.

Learn more about user research

System strategy

System strategy helps accelerate internal decision-making with an approach that uncovers key opportunities to drive customer engagement and retention while optimizing operations. We achieve this by mapping internal capabilities and consumer objectives in order to define an effective roadmap that meets organizational and market needs.

Learn more about our system strategy process

Inclusive design

Inclusive design ensures your products and services are embraced by your market by welcoming diverse market segments to engage authentically with your organization. Learn how to design with intersectionality, usability, accessibility, and inclusion at the centre of your work.

Learn more about our inclusive design process

Achieving digital excellence

From communications to product to organizational efficiency, operating online involves significant depth of expertise. With digital channels and consumer touchpoints extending beyond online to in-person and at home, success in the connected age requires a breadth of expertise that defines your organization’s digital maturity and capabilities.

Learn more about achieving digital excellence

Select service design clients

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  • Service Ontario
  • Kanetix
  • Cannect
  • WSIB Ontario
  • Virgin Gaming
  • Toronto Public Library
  • Tourism Toronto

Discover how assessing and refocusing your organization can lead to improved operations, customer experience, and technology decision-making.

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