Mike Monteiro’s full of gems this week. Yesterday he offered Gap a logo that could fully resuscitate their credibility following this week’s Gap logo catastrophe, but earlier this week he focused on something dear to us, time.

The Chokehold of Calendars discusses the concept of a goal oriented calendar, rather than using a calendar to reference interruptions of your working time.

In Mike’s words:

In my experience, most people don’t schedule their work. They schedule the interruptions that prevent their work from happening.

This aligns directly with our goals for Kipu and, as we look to improve on the planning of future time within Kipu’s calendar, this concept introduces all sorts of ideas around improving the ease of billable time entry, collaboration, and more.

Stowe Boyd responds:

I also believe that calendars that will be smart about why and how we work will also be integrated with streams. For example, commentary and work products (a deck, say) that we create in support of a meeting could be annotated with appropriate metadata so they would stream to the participants and be attached appropriately to the meeting object, as well.

This falls directly into what companies like Brainpark are continuing to develop in providing organizations with collaborative streams and company wide access to information and resources. Just another reason we’re excited to be able to count Brainpark among our friends and collaborators as we continue to explore ways technology can lead to a more rewarding personal and professional life. Exciting times!