Join our CEO Lee Dale for a system strategy webinar, exploring the essential framework for driving customer experience and organizational effectiveness.

On September 21, from noon to 1pm, find the answer to moving from product-limited tweaking to a market-defining organization. No longer is it enough to focus user experience on a product at a time or serving just the customers you know.

Say Yeah is teaming with the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) to host a system strategy webinar.

This 60-minute session will take viewers through an in-depth discussion on an approach that unites organizational efforts with market opportunities.

“Customer experience efforts are broken. An organization’s ability to improve service delivery is limited due to a lack of systems thinking and system strategy.”

Following the presentation, attendees are encouraged to state their burning questions and comments in relation to the topics addressed.

System strategy in brief

By mapping your customer’s journey, mapping your organizational service model and capabilities, and aligning these consumer and organizational systems, you’ll uncover new opportunities to drive customer experience and service delivery.

We encourage you to jump on this opportunity to learn more about how you can improve your organization’s customer experience efforts. Sign up to participate in the RGD webinar September 21!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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