For sure. We’re just getting started! One of the things we highlighted in our Tumblr pros & cons post was how we dig the liking and reblogging philosophy over straight up comments. We’ve been keeping our eye on some design and tech blogs on Tumblr so we can hopefully kick the reblogging into gear. But even if we’re slow with reblogging here, we’ll look to make up for it on our other blogs.


Guys, c’mon.

I love you, but you’ve spent more time complaining about various CMS features you wish Tumblr had, then actually doing Tumblr stuff like reblogging and contributing the community. Get on that!


Last week I wrote about the pro’s and con’s of moving to Tumblr. Now that we’re here and all settled in cozily, I’d like to focus on some improvements to the system that we’d love to see.

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