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Janavi tackles complex challenges in a collaborative and human-centric way, combining service design and strategic thinking. She is involved in shaping memorable and impactful user experiences by translating latent user needs into actionable design strategies that yield positive business results. 

Her design methodology experience allows her to develop frameworks of thinking to create holistic and engaging human-centric experiences. She is involved in research, strategy, design, and analytics at Say Yeah! Her responsibilities are aligned across various stages of a project from initial product planning, product architecture, journey mapping, building prototypes, to validation and testing, making sure the product is successful for the end user and client. 

Her background in Industrial Design has helped her develop strong problem solving skills, applied to consumers of various stripes, including youth, adults, and ageing users, all with varying cognitive, physical, and linguistic needs. 

In her spare time, Janavi enjoys trying new food and travelling, delighting in exploring new places.

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Janavi Vengatesh


  • Service design
  • Strategy
  • User research