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Kate is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher, working across interaction and service design to deliver inclusively-designed products and services.

An enthusiastic advocate of designing for social good, she’s most excited by public innovation projects and designing to increase access and inclusion for people.

User research, as well as a love for experimentation, drive Kate’s design process. She enjoys breaking down systems and exploring tactics to improve experiences in unconventional ways. This work is all underpinned by human-centred principles and working laterally across disciplines.

Her range of design interests outside of digital design, including physical computing and immersive experiences, fuel an ever-changing way of reframing design challenges in her interaction and service design work.

Outside of her work at Say Yeah, Kate can be found going for runs and volunteering with local civic tech projects and arts initiatives.

Connect with Kate

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  • Service design
  • Interaction design
  • Inclusive design
  • User research